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Xi Park Tower
Xi Park Tower

Xi Park Tower

The site is located at the city center of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It occupies an approximately 143m long and 90m wide rectangular footprint which is surrounded by major roads on all sides. Site investigation is proceeding to determine the design geology and groundwater level for the scheme design.

The proposed office/housing development is basically composed of three major portions, namely a 54 storey tall tower (approximately 220m), a 6-level high podium and a 4-level deep basement.

The tower with stepped elevations occupies a footprint ranging from 60m x 36m at the tower base to 33m x 34m at the tower top. At podium levels, full-width access is designed to link the tower and podium. For the 108m long and 68m wide podium, a majority of its floor space is devoted to the retail purpose.

There are two types of foundations for the building. Barrettes 1000 x 2800mm have been used for the tower, whilst bored piles 1.8m diameter have been used for the podium. The bored piles have been designed for vertical compression and also checked for uplift capacity due to the underground water table has been observed at about 1m below the existing ground level.

Raft foundation is used for the tower and isolated pad foundations are used for the bored piles. Diaphragm walls of 1000mm thick underneath the podium and 1200mm thick underneath the tower are used around the perimeter of the basement floors.

All basement slabs are a normal reinforced concrete flat slab of 300mm thick with 450mm thick drop at column head. Typical spans of the slab are 8.4m x 10.8m.

The floors are designated for a mix of residential and office uses. The column and wall supports are arranged at a rectangular grid of 10.8m x 8.4m approximately in a roughly doubly symmetrical manner within tower outline. The podium floor slab is designed as typical two-way spanning traditional beam slab system. The slab is 150mm thick...

A 300mm thick post-tensioned flat slab system with drop panels at column and wall supports is adopted to span between the rectangular column grids in the tower. The effect of temperature and shrinkage upon the podium slabs that the stress concentration is higher in the vicinity of the area between grid lines 6 and 8 (adjacent to the tower), therefore a delayed joint has been introduced to accommodate such effects. On the other hand, the differential settlement between the tower and the podium also contribute to the increase in the internal forces in these areas.

Project Name

Xi Park Tower


GS Engineering and Construction

Project Description

This Grade A mixed-use tower comprises 54 storeys, 236m tall with a GFA of 172,000 sqm. The building includes 48 floors of apartment and office above 6 level retail podiums and 5 levels of basement car park and M&E


Chang Jo Architects Inc.

Main Structural Consultant

Arup Hong Kong

Structural Sub - Consultant

NKC Consultancy Co. Ltd
Organization :NKC Consultancy Co. Ltd Consulting Engineers
Vietnam :A1-00.01 Complex M1, 74 Nguyen Co Thach, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Overseas :NKC Engineering Limited 95 Consort Avenue, Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 9AE, United Kingdom
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