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Song Tra Plaza
Song Tra Plaza

Song Tra Plaza

"Song Tra Commercial Center" project, located at 96 Cao Thang, Ward 4, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. This building is a high-rise building with 5 floors in which: parking lot 2, commercial tunnel 1, ground floor, 1st to 5th floor as retail store and mezzanine is restaurant, roof floor .

Diameter bored pile foundation 1m is used for this project. A single deposit for 1 pile or for a group of piles is applied for each specific case. The pile station has a changing height from 1.0m for single pile stations and pile stations for pile groups under 5 piles. Particularly, pile station for elevator core and stair ladder core is 1.5m high.

For perimeter wall systems, because there are adjacent 4 - 5 high-rise buildings located close to the ground, the perimeter wall system must be selected to ensure the stability of adjacent buildings. For that reason, a 400mm diameter pile system is proposed to be used as a retaining wall system along the perimeter of the building. Construction method piles are arranged about 500mm from center to center with depth from the ground about 15-18m. The pile edge is at least 200mm away from the ground.

Outside the pile system, concrete piles 200mm in diameter M300 are arranged alternately between D400 bored piles to prevent groundwater from flowing into the pit during construction. These D200 piles are extended to a depth of at least 3m at the bottom of the deepest foundation pit.

The project has 2 basements from the elevation below to Cao Thang road elevation. The structural system for the basement is the traditional reinforced concrete floor-beam system. The thickness of the basement slab 2 is designed to be 300mm thick, the basement 1 is 200mm thick.

The floor structure for the upper floors is the prestressed concrete, post tension and (bonded post tensioned slab) systems with column caps and edge beams arranged along the perimeter.

Prestressed concrete floor combined with column caps: the thickness of the slab will be 200mm and the column cap height is 350mm for the commercial block and the floor plate thickness will be 200mm. The girder system is arranged along the perimeter of each floor with a height of 350 mm at all levels.

Project Name

Song Tra Plaza


Kim Cuong Viet Trading Co., Ltd.

Project Description

This building is a high-rise building with 5 floors in which: parking lot 2, commercial tunnel 1, ground floor, 1st to 5th floor as a retail store and mezzanine is a restaurant, roof floor.

Structural Consultant

NKC Consultancy Co. Ltd


An Son Architecture Co., Ltd
Organization :NKC Consultancy Co. Ltd Consulting Engineers
Vietnam :A1-00.01 Complex M1, 74 Nguyen Co Thach, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Overseas :NKC Engineering Limited 95 Consort Avenue, Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 9AE, United Kingdom
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