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Festival Vung Tau Hotel
Festival Vung Tau Hotel

Festival Vung Tau Hotel

This project “Festival Vung Tau Hotel” is located in Thang Tam District, Vung Tau City, Viet Nam. The development includes 2 blocks: a 15 storeys hotel and a 3 storeys bike shelter.

The foundation for the project is the precast pre-stressed spun pile system having a diameter of 600 mm. Tie beam is designed in two ways to keep balancing and stability for single footing and at the same time minimize the differential settlement between the raft foundations.

The spun piles are arranged 600mm diameter with a length of 38.55m. Foundation for this area is mainly using single pile cap of 1500mm thick, thicker pile caps of 1000mm to 2800mm are arranged under the lift core.
Basement 1slab  has a thickness of 200mm. The 600mm (wide) x 800mm (high). Tie beams are arranged in two directions to provide horizontal stability for the pile caps. The primary beams of the first and second floor are arranged through pile caps in two orthogonal directions. The beam has a cross-section of 600x800mm, 600x1000mm… (width x depth). The slab thickness is 200mm. The third floor is a transfer floor that includes the system of reinforced concrete transfer beams.
 For the fourth floor and above, 150mm thick slab, the beam system is optimized to facilitate the M&E piping to go through.
Electrical System
 Supply from an MVSG through transformer station in Electrical Room on the lever 1 BOH area. The Transformer including 1000 KVA power supply for BOH and hotel area. Use 01 generators with capacity 900 kVA, supply for all priority electrical loads for the project.
 Air Conditioning And Ventilation System
The Air Conditioning System for the building is designed as follows:
A central cooling plant is required for its energy plant consists of high-efficiency water-cooled chillers with a variable primary chilled water pumping system (VSD), cooling towers water pumping system and cooling towers.
There are 02 Water Cooled Chillers located in the chiller room BOH area
Air Handling Plant:
FCU’s are used in all hotel rooms and other small areas such as corridors etc.
There are individual AHU’s for large areas such as restaurant, banquet, lobby, public area.
Plumbing System
Water supply for all of the areas is City’s clean water, water supply from Thuy Van st. by master water meter DN100 the supply to the underground tank and firefighting water tanks. Water from the underground water tank supply to the roof water tank. Water supplied to each sanitary through the vertical water supply pipe. Regarding 4 floors upper, to ensure the working pressure will be using the booster pump to supply water to sanitary.
Waste Water Drainage System:
Blackwater is pre-treated through the standard septic tank. Water from the septic tank is pumped to the conditioning chamber of the wastewater treatment station.
Drain water after treatment will be pump out to city drainage manhole.
Fire Fighting And Prevention
As the building is more than 25 m high, it is a high rise building with automatic spinker system for parking, corridors, and rooms.
Low-risk areas such as lounges, corridors, apartments, the sprinkler system are designed with a pressure of 0.5 bar.
For areas with average risk level 2 such as parking, the sprinkler system is designed with a pressure of no less than 0.5 bar.

Project Name

Festival Vung Tau Hotel


Thanh Nien Tourist Hotel Joint Stock Company

Project Description

.Main building is the hotel block with 250 beds, 14 storey, including 2 podium floors, 10 hotel bed floors, a terrace and a technical floor. No basement is required for this hotel.Support Building is to house the MEP equipment on the ground floor, underground water tanks and 3 upper floors for parking, with the overall height of about 14m.

Structural & MEPF  Consultant

NKC Consultancy Co. Ltd


Kume Design Asia Co.,Ltd.

Organization :NKC Consultancy Co. Ltd Consulting Engineers
Vietnam :A1-00.01 Complex M1, 74 Nguyen Co Thach, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Overseas :NKC Engineering Limited 95 Consort Avenue, Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 9AE, United Kingdom
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