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Our Company

NKC Consultancy Co, Ltd

NKC Consultancy Co. Ltd. is a professional consulting engineering company being managed by an international leadership team who has many years working and living overseas.

Established in 2006, NKC has obtained an opportunity to collaborate with one of the world-leading consulting engineering firms to undertake the structural design for major high rise projects in Vietnam. This has brought us the great benefits which advance our capabilities both technicality and management as well as enhances our Vietnamese staff to adapt with the professional, international standard of working performance.

Since then, we have continuously improved our capabilities so that we can proudly, now a day, be one of the top local consulting engineering companies who have due capabilities to meet the higher level of client’s requirements which are more complexity in term of engineering and features but tighter of time and budget

Moreover, we can provide such high-quality services with competitive “local” fees benefits from local operation and resources.

Through years of experience in undertaking internationally large scale projects, we have been established an efficient management structure which is small but well-organized to be able to focus our resources to improve our technical capabilities. The success of applying modern working methods which taking advantages from international management style and local highly qualified resources allow us to minimize the operation cost while still ensures the work has been performed at high productivity and quality.

Organization Chart

Our approach is briefly described as below:

  • Identify the duties and responsibilities of individual members of the team.
  • Identify the principal areas of design based on function, location and programme.
  • Technical information related to the projects will be distributed to all team members  or external consultants to enhance mutual trust and job understanding.
  • The team members will be brief to ensure that they understand the significance and inter- relationships of their work packages and those of other teams.
  • The progress of different parts of the project will be assessed during regular  technical reviews, and the results circulated to all teams. This ensures that problems are quickly identified and not repeated in other areas.

Work Flow Chart

  • Close liaison between NKC, the Client and other consultancy representatives will be essential to establish mutual understanding and agreement of the Client’s requirements.
  • During  the  design  stage,  frequent  interaction  between  the  quantity  Surveyors  and  the engineers/architects  will be exercised to ensure that the design team is fully updated on the relative costs and potential savings between various design options.
  • Identify,  in  internal  value  management  workshops,  any  areas  that  are  worthy  of  further investigation with the aim of reducing the project cost and to keeping the overall expenditure in the development.
  • A partnering approach should be adopted which encourages all of the project participants to work in a non-adversarial manner for the benefit of the project.

Our Value and Your Benefits

We are one of the leading local Consulting Engineers who successfully undertaking international large scale projects.

We provide complete Independent Engineering Design solutions, bringing effective management in term of in-house engineering design implement and performance, saving time and cost for your projects.

We understand the local values and procedures to bring the most flexible access and efficient works to projects in Vietnam as well as Vietnamese PMU

Our Mission

Our Mission

We commit to provide world-class qualified services with local fees


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