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The project called ”THE BOTANICA” situated at 104 Pho Quang Street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. This is a high rise building with 20 storeys, 2 basements for car parking and technical areas. Level 1 to Level 3 are used for commercial areas and the remaining floors above are used for apartments.
Pre-stressed precast driven pile system has been used, specifically these piles adopting the Japanese technology called “Basic Pile”. Based on the scale of the project, two piles of basic piles are used, 800mm diameter with 30m long and 600mm diameter with 30m measured from the underside of the pile caps.
The structural system for basement 1 has been the normal reinforced concrete flat slab with column heads. The maximum height of the column head is 500mm including the slab thickness of 250mm. Basement 2 has been designed as 400mm thick to withstand the uplift.
The structural system for the upper floors has been the traditional beam-slab system. Slab thickness of 150mm for the apartment and commercial areas, 250mm thick for landscape and swimming pool areas. Primary beams are having 400x600mm (width depth), and secondary beams in parallel with the primary beams are having dimensions of 400x500mm.
Electrical System:
Supply from an MVSG through transformer station in the Electrical Room in Basement 1. The Transformer including 2500 KVA and 1600KVA. Use a generator with capacity 840KVa, supply for all priority electrical loads for the project.
Air Conditional and Ventilation System
The Air Conditioning System for the building is designed as follows:
Apartment: Using the split air conditioner with capacity from 1HP to 2.5 HP
Shophouse: Using the split air conditioner
Plumbing System
Water supply for all of the areas is the City’s clean water. The clean water was supplied from the water supply company. The water capacity must be enough for 24 hours. Water from the main water tank is pumped to the water tank at 20th floor via intermediate pump
Waste Water Drainage System:
The wastewater of the building will be discharged in two separate pipes:
  • One pipe is used to drain domestic wastewater of sanitary equipment such as lavabo, floor trap
  • One pipe is used to drain wastewater of sanitary equipment such as toilets, urinals...
Fire Fighting System
As the building is more than 25 m high, it is a high rise building with automatic spinker system for parking, corridors, and rooms.
Low-risk areas such as lounges, corridors, apartments, the sprinkler system is designed with a pressure of 0.5 bar. Medium risk areas such as parking, the sprinkler system is designed with a pressure higher 0.5 bar

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Novaland Group

Project Description

The development located at 104 Pho Quang, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC. This is a 2 blocks of 21-storey building and 1 basements with total GFA of 68,000sqm.

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Ho Thieu Tri Architect and Associates Company Limited
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Overseas :NKC Engineering Limited 95 Consort Avenue, Trumpington, Cambridge, CB2 9AE, United Kingdom
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